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The Newsletter for Doctor/Rose Shippers

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A Doctor/Rose Newsletter
About Us FAQ The Network
Welcome to the_spdn, the daily Doctor/Rose newsletter. The purpose of the newsletter is to help make it easier for Doctor/Rose fans to find discussions, fic, graphics, and other related posts.

Locked Post Policy

Since much of the discussion of Doctor/Rose occurs in flocked posts these days, the_spdn will be linking to posts that are locked. Any locked post will be noted. If you would like to be able to read a locked post, we suggest you leave a polite comment for the original poster (OP) in their journal (not here) asking to be friended. Some posters want to keep a tight rein on their friends list, for various reasons, so we ask that you be respectful and understanding about this.
Want to be linked?

To join our watchlist, leave a comment on our sign up post at prairie_team. If you would like us to link to your locked Doctor/Rose content, you will need to friend prairie_team. Otherwise, we will only see and link to your unlocked Doctor/Rose posts.

The posts we link to must be related to the Doctor/Rose relationship. Any discussion, meta, humor, graphics, or anything else related to the Doctor/Rose relationship can be linked.

We will not link to stories that feature pairings other than Doctor/Rose, unless Doctor/Rose is the focus of the fic. We will not link to stories featuring threesomes. We will only link to fic that has full header information. What does that mean? Click here.

We will not link to posts that abuse, disparage, or otherwise knock down a character or a fellow fan, even if the post has Doctor/Rose content. We're trying to keep things civil and positive as much as possible, so we will use our judgment in linking to posts.

What does "SPDN" stand for and why are there prairie dogs?

SPDN stands for Shippy Prairie Dog Network, which started out as an inside joke to reference how many Doctor/Rose shippers had gone underground. Imagine strings of connected journals with locked content as sort of prairie dog intertubes. ;)

Have further questions? Comments?

For more information, check out our original FAQs. Contact us through the Letter to the Editor post or via email. We understand that you might not feel comfortable opening flocked posts to someone without knowing who they are, and we’d be glad to talk with you privately.


Want to affiliate with us?
We will only affiliate with communities that are centered around the Doctor and Rose. If you feel you meet that requirement, please leave a comment expressing your interest.

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