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08 January 2012 @ 02:16 pm
Sunday 8th January  
Want to know how to get your journal linked on the_spdn? Then head on over to our sign up post on prairie_team . We will only link to journals that comment on that post, so head on over and join the Shippy Prairie Dog Network! :)


d_r_meta asks what's happening in the altverse on Christmas Day
d_r_meta asks if Cloen can feel Ten (or Eleven)
d_r_meta discusses whether Nine and Ten treated Rose differently


Your Are My Home by xsilverxlightx (Rose/Nine | PG)
Male Bonding by _thirty2flavors and goldy_dollar (Rose/Ten II | G)
Tickles by keep_counting (Rose/Ten | Teen)
Auld Lang Syne by who_in_whoville (Rose/Ten II | PG)
He Would Do Everything Again by shadowneko003 (Rose/Eleven | K+)
Blame the Daiquiris by timelord1 (Rose, Ten | Teen)
Time and Timelessness by who_in_whoville (Rose/Ten | M)
Near by earlygreytea68 (Rose, Ten | Teen)
Sleeping Arrangements by who_in_whoville (Rose/Ten | Teen)
On Intentional Attractions by rowofstars (Rose/Nine | Adult)
Coral Tunnels by gentlehobbit (Rose/Ten | R/Mature)
I Keep on Loving You by country_who (Rose/Ten II | G)
Tiny Explorers by ohfortuneslost (Rose/Ten | Teen)
Only Going to Get Better by wishiknewwho (Rose/Ten | G)
Moments to Remember by jessicaqueen (Rose/Ten II | PG)/*
I Don't Want a Lot for Christmas by onabearskinrug (Rose/Ten | Adult)
The Eternal Adventure: (27/56) and (28/56) by kelkat9 (Rose/Ten II | PG-13)
Where the Ocean Kisses the Shore by mermaids_feet (Rose/Ten | Teen)
Halfway Out of the Dark by haveloved (Rose/Eleven | PG-13)
Drawing the Truth From Beneath Her Skin by jessicaqueen (Rose/Ten | PG)
The Photo of Them by jer832 (Rose/Nine | All ages)
Found & Lost (4/?) by who_in_whoville (Rose/Ten | Teen)
The Hoarfrost by wildwinterwitch (Rose/Nine | Teen)
Halfway Out of the Dark by haveloved (Rose/Eleven | PG-13)
As The World Falls Down by timelord1 (Rose/Nine | Teen)
TLC by wildwinterwitch (Rose/Nine | M)
Reminders by sparrabethx (Rose/Ten, Rose/Eleven | PG-13)
Don't Blink (36/?) by rosewarren (Rose, Ten | PG)
A Hundred Alternatives: (1/100) and (2/100) by ofalexandra (Rose/Ten | Teen)
The Broken Link: (1/?) and (2/?) by country_who (Rose/Ten II, Eleven | PG)
Do I Dare Disturb The Universe (2/?) by 10docandr (Rose/Alt!Ten | Teen)
Shaked by keep_counting (Rose/Ten | PG-13)
This Slow Burn by trippy41 (Rose/Ten | G)
The Companion Connection: (26/?) and (27/?) by lumendea (Rose, Nine, Ten, Eleven | Teen)
Madness Most Discreet by keep_counting (Rose/Ten | Teen)
Laughing at Stars: (3/5), (4/5) and (5/5) by glory_jean (Rose/Nine, Rose/Ten | Adult)
Child's Play by jer832 (Rose/Nine | All ages)
Closure (18/?) by pixiestick_cc (Rose/Eleven | T)
Escaping The Darkness: (1/?) and (2/?) by kelkat9 (Rose/Ten | PG-13)
We Can Be Astronauts by mute_troubadour (Rose/Eleven | PG-15)
Defenders of the Earth (7/?) by onabearskinrug (Rose/Ten | Teen)


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